Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Catching Spirit Bear Litspiration Post

In the beginning of the book, the author portrays cole to be this mean and abusive person who wants to be feared by everyone, and at the part where we are in the book, he starts to be less aggressive. This is one thing I would look for if I was in Cole's justice circle, to see if Cole actually changed. Like when Edwin, an elder, does the demonstration with cole, he says that cole would be throwing fists if he got pushed before the island, then after he didn't and it proves the cole has changed. Although it is true evidence, it is only one little piece of evidence that doesn't necessarily proof that he has changed for the better. If I was to decide to see if Cole changed, I would need more proof that he has changed mentally, like how in the book, when he was in jail, he said that he just says what everyone wants to hear, so in this situation what ever Cole says I would not believe. In the YCJA, it says that once a person has not completed the program, then he or she can be put back into court, but since Cole hasn't failed the program, he is still technically allowed to go back to the island. When the person from YCJ committee came to talk to us, she said that the victim gets a little say in how the offender gets to be punished, so I think that Peter should gets a little satisfaction of knowing that he gets justice for the things Cole has done to him.

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