Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exploring Sympathy (Bite of the Mango)

When I wake up, I have no hands at all but Since I can do a lot of things with out hands I live my life normally.. After I get ready, which is very hard, but not impossible, I have learned how to do things without the. I eat with all of my family members and friends. Later I would beg on the streets with my cousins, to make some money so that our family can actually eat. The first couple of days since I had my baby, things were difficult but I was able to over come these obstacles with the help of everyone close to me. Since I beg with my baby with, I have been gaining more money because they feel bad for what I have to live with, but they don't know that it actually isn't that hard. With the help of my cousins, we have managed to keep him alive. After a few months of looking after my baby, I went into the drama/theatre that is in my neighbourhood and have mad many new and amazing friends that can relate to what I have been through because they have the same disability as I do. Going there everyday with my new friends have made me open up my eyes and see the big picture, that no matter what life throws at you, you may not be able to do it alone, you will always have people that still care for you and will help you along the way. Also that you are never alone no matter how lonely you feel, you just have to get up and open your eyes. Several of weeks later after joining the theatre, I had the greatest opportunity that anyone in my neighbourhood would only dream of, going to a different, better country. I was able to go to London with a nice lady after I did some interviews with her and her company. I was able to go to London because they have a program that allows people like me and my cousins who are disabled because of the rebels a chance to thrive and start a new life. This was the greatest moment in my life, I was able to have a fresh start in life, and have all the things that we would not normally have in my country. Because of this opportunity I have gotten, I was able to have all the things that I didn't even think about or even care about.

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