Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Creating a World Wide Charter

For one of our assignments for humanities, everyone had to get into groups of 3 or 4, and start brainstorming what a "World Charter" would look like. Once we got our groups, my group started to just brainstorm what each of our books that we have read were about. Things like what was going on in the book, and what we thought we needed to change. After, we used the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to get some ideas of what our Charter should be. In the Charter, we went over what we think that our book would need to be a better place. Then we started to think what would happen if someone who lives in Canada would move to a different country like Africa or Asia. Our group didn't really argue about what should be on the charter, because we would take everything someone said and change it up so that it would fit with what we wanted the charter to look like. I had some ideas that I wanted to put on the Charter, but I didn't have enough time, and I am pretty sure that is the same for all of my group members. We only had 50 minutes to try to create a charter for the world. This is what my groups charter looks like, our charter was mostly based of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but some of the other topics were what we think our charter needed;

(Our charter and our brainstorming ideas)

Books we Read:
Shaken- Noah
Lunch With Lenin- Peter
Bite of the Mango- Me (Garrett)
Red Midnight- Ivan

Key Points from our Books

Democratic and Political Rights
  • The right for individuals to Help Make Political Decisions
  • Government to help in times of trouble no matter what person (also equality rights).
  • Decisions made by the government should help everyone in the society, no democratic or political discrimination
  • If more than 85% of the population is unpleased or hates the government, they have the right to vote for a new leader

Equality Rights
  • Everyone has an equal amount of living rights.
  • Everyone has the same opportunities.
  • Although everyone has the freedom to express their thoughts, they are to avoid using discrimination.
  • No Matter where you move, you shall be treated with respect as a human being

Fundamental Freedoms
- Everyone has the freedom to express their thoughts peacefully not through war or violence, not to be terrified into not expressing or saying anything is wrong or they want change.
- Religious laws still apply to each country.

Legal Rights
  • Lawmen and Women, have to watch out for children and make sure they avoid selling, making and using drugs.
  • Lawyers have the right to not be threatened or intimidated into not helping their clients.
  • If you have committed a crime and fled to another country, the laws of the country you have fled still apply to you until the court decides if you are guilty or not.

Mobility Rights
  • If citizens feel unsafe in their living area due to war, gangs and rebels. They have the right to flee to new living areas without any obligation for the government.
  • Anyone moving from one country to another must gain the permission of another country and to be free of any illegal activity or crime.
  • Everyone has the right to make a living wherever they go
  • Everyone has the right to be in a safe and controlled workspace, and not to be forced to work without pay.
Language Collective Rights
  • Everyone has the right to be educated in their official language anywhere in the world based on the amount of minority language spoken within the population.
  • No one has the right to turn someone down if they wanted to be educated in their language IF they meet the criteria.

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