Friday, November 15, 2013

Pursuit of Happyness

In class we watched a movie called "Pursuit of Happyness" (and yes that is how they spelled it).

I thought that this movie was kind of sad, because the main character, "Chris Gardner" has a really rough life. He has to take care of his little son and feed his wife, son and himself. Later in the movie, it just talks about his life and what he had to do for the next 4 months or so, and then when everything was going great, and he was "happy" something happened. The stupid government of America took all of his money (600), which in his case could set him for life. They took away his money and I felt kind of angry and sad, because I believe that the government shouldn't be able to just take away someone's money, especially if he makes below minimum wage. Near the end of the movie, I felt a lot happier and was glad that he got the job and got the life he always wanted, but I thought that this sort of thing should have happened a lot sooner to people like him or not even happen to anyone. At the end, when I was thinking about the movie, I was disappointed and mad to know that fact that in America, lots and lots of people are homeless, and the government doesn't do anything to help them. The theme of the movie, that I thought it was, is that you can't give up on life. You have to keep striving to have a "happy" life, and you will go through ups and downs in your life, but you have to choose to keep going.

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