Wednesday, November 20, 2013

GINS/Consumerism Mash-up

In Sierra Leone, their scarcity problem isn’t really being met; they don’t have money to buy what they want. They don’t have the luxury items that we have in the “first world country”. They have the materials and labour to get what they want, but each village is way too poor to get anything fancy or nice. The government controls all of the money that they have, and their economy isn’t good enough to import things like 100-dollar watches, or IPods/IPhones, even though they have mines full of diamonds. In Sierra Leone their economy is definitely a planned economy, because they don’t have really rich, doing good, kind of business to really affect what happens to the country. The people of Sierra Leone have little to no opinion on how to solve scarcity; they barely have money to buy food. The only place that is safe (away from the rebels) is the city where the government is.

In Canada, we have really good social plans, like senior pension plan and free health care; the people in Sierra Leone don’t have those kinds of plans. They barely even have hospitals (they only have 1). Even though they don’t have social plans, they don’t have to pay taxes, like we do, they don’t even make income. They don’t have the things we do in Canada, we have nice homes, good income, social plans, etc. but people in Sierra Leone have the exact opposite life. The taxes that we pay in Canada go towards roads, health care, and a lot of other things to benefit us. It didn’t really say where the money goes, but I’m guessing that all the money that the Sierra Leonean government makes go towards making their own little city/town better, not other villages or towns. The taxes that the government makes, makes the whole city of Calgary and province better, where in Sierra Leone, the government doesn’t really put any money to make the villages a better place.

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