Thursday, October 3, 2013

Whale story Exerpt

This blog post is about the other short story I was reading during Bamfield, Whale Story. This short story that I read was only part one out of ?? parts. I am going to talk about some of my reactions to this fascinating story. 
I thought that this story started off kind of sad, because the main character, Sarah, had to leave her best friend and everything she ever had owned and knew. She was only eleven and she already had to leave everything behind her, I can only imagine what kind of pain she is going through. The main character moved from Wyoming, to Vancouver Island, and apparently it is a long trip. But once Sarah got to her new home, she instantly forgot about here friends, her life in Wyoming, the long journey, and was speechless. From that point forward I think that the story got a lot more happier and exciting. From there it is all pretty much the same as a regular day, if we had a two week break, go swimming, watch the waves, etc. At the very end the author; Cheryl Kaye Tardif, made the story end on a cliff hanger. The very ending was one of the climaxes and was a a great way to end the story because it makes the reader want to find out what happens, but I think that it was kind of lame because I really wanted to know what happened, and I have no clue where my teachers found this story. I can kind of relate to this story because I'm in grade 9 now and having to leave everything behind to go to a new place would be devastating, and I travel to Vancouver once a year and my family would always drive there, and it is roughly around 12 hour drive. I know what it is like to be in Sarah's shoes from that point of view, especially if you can't wait to see your knew home.

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