Monday, October 28, 2013

Litspiration Challenge #1

Hey everybody, during the past few weeks, I have been reading a book, called "Mockingjay". For school, I am supposed to do something unique and awesome that is about the book. We call this a litspiration challenge. For my litspiration challenge I did a map of the things that I thought were important to the book and to the main character Katniss.
I have no clue on how to rotate this, I am very sorry
This is my reasoning to why I chose the places and events that I chose. Beware that some of my reasoning's have spoilers in them, if you don't want this book to get spoiled, then read where it is first, because I will say if I have spoilers or not

First Place: District 13
The heads around the table, are the people from all the districts (except for 2) talking about what they should do next. I couldn’t fit all the people around the table, but I put Haymitch, Beetee, Finnick, Coin, and Johanna. The two people that are at the table (nearest to the foot prints) are Katniss (on the left) and Gale (on the right). This is very important in the book, because this is where all the high up ranking people discussed what to do and how to get in the capitol to take control. Without this meeting, the rebels and other people probably won’t have any clue on how to destroy the capitol, thus not making it “Mackingjay”.

Second Place: Sewer pipes (Spoilers)
Katniss is the first to climb up the ladder (highest on the ladder) and followed by her is Gale (almost up the ladder) and the mutt, beasts on the ground with two dead bodies. One of the dead bodies is Finnick and the other is Leeg 1. This is another important part of the book because after what happens to a lot of people, she starts to question herself whether or not she should have done this little secret mission to kill Snow or not. It kind of starts to change Katniss, she becomes so involved with killing Snow, all she wants is for Snow to be dead.

Third Place: Trigris’ House  
This is where they sought refugee. This was somewhat important to the story, because if they didn’t have this place to sleep in, who knows where they would sleep, and if they would get caught and killed. I think that this was a break from all the action that has happened. Katniss and her crew are on the streets, in the sewer, fighting and running, they and I (the reader) need to just have a break from all that. It was a good break, because Collins shoves a lot of action and excitement right at you, and reading this little part gave me a chance to really think about what has happened. Katniss, Peeta and Gale are sleeping in Tigris’ house, in her basement. The one on the left is Gale, the one on the right is Peeta, and the one in the middle is Katniss. The closet where all the make-up and clothes, to hide their appearance is in front of them.

Fourth Place: Capitol Streets (Spoilers)
Someone, and I believe it was coin, sent in a bunch of parachutes to supposedly help the rebel medics, but then blows up and kills a lot of children and pretty much kills Katniss. This was one of the many climaxes in this story; it was so exciting, yet insanely sad, because Katniss becomes torched and is burning to death and her little sister, Primrose, dies from the explosion. This little incident changed Katniss’ life for a very long time. It may her unable to move that much, not think of herself so greatly anymore, and loses hope of everything, because everyone she knows (Gale, Peeta, her mom) are all somewhere else, in other districts or not to be found. She just wants to kill herself and she was once a proud and great “Mackingjay” (leader of the rebellion) to someone who has no reason to live anymore.

Fifth Place: Outside President’s mansion (Huge Spoiler)
This is where the rebels capture Snow, and put him, after trial, to an execution, and Katniss is the one to kill him. She thinks about what has happened, what her and Snow talk about and that is when she realizes that it was president Coin who ordered the parachute bombings that killed Primrose. She then takes her bow, points it upwards and fires the arrow, killing Coin. This was one of the moments where you can’t stop reading this little part over and over again, because it was just a mind-blowing change of things. I think that this was probably one of the most exciting parts in the story because I would never had expected this sort of thing to happen. From that point forward the story becomes what happens next to Katniss, if she is going to die or put in jail or whatever. The story becomes the “Falling Action”.

Last Place: District 12 (Spoiler)
This part was the epilogue of the story. It was just to tell the reader what happened to Katniss after everything she has been through. She gets married to Peeta, and has 2 kids, one daughter and one son. It was a good way to rap up the story because it was a happy ending, her life is now (sort of) back to normal and she can stop worrying about her kids may having to fight in the Hunger Games. The one on the very left is the daughter (jumping) and the son is beside her (to the right). Katniss and Peeta are on the side watching and actually smiling for once, and there are tomb stones underneath them, because this is where their friends have been buried after they have died.

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