Monday, September 30, 2013

Short story "Sea Devil"

Last week, I and many other people went to a place called "Bamfield" that is in Vancouver Island. We did a lot of marine biology there about the marine animals there (like fish, sea cucumber, sea stars, etc.). Later in the week we started to read two short story called "Sea Devil" and "Whale story". I am going to talk about the first short story I read, which was "Sea Devil". My reactions when I was reading this short story is that this seems like a nice lovely, short story and that the sea devil would be a fish that would be eating other fish or that would be impossible to catch. When i finished the story, I thought that it would be a lot, lot more nicer, and happier than it was actually. The reason I thought that this story would be happy is because the main character seems like a happy and easy going guy, just by the beginning. He also sets most of the fish that he catches. I was kind of confused on why the author (Arthur Gordon) would do something like this, make the main character and the setting and the theme in the very beginning very happy and cheerful, and then later on kind of dark and evil. Once I finished this story, I was really worried, because we are near water, and we go on a few trips out to the ocean and I was thinking that this sort of thing probably won't happen, but still might happen. This story is trying to tell the reader that no matter how old you are you should never do something alone, especially in the dark, when no one is around to hear you.

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