Saturday, May 11, 2013


This is what I thought that theme was in this book

Farmer implies that you can’t give up no matter what happens to you or the people that are close to you. When Matt was living in the servant’s room, with all or the sawdust and everything, he didn’t give up. He could have gave up and cried, or didn’t do anything, but he didn’t, he decided to stand up and make the most of what he had. Farmer made this book so that all of the characters that are important to Matt had a situation where they could have gave up, but they chose not to, and they chose to keep going. In other situations, Celia never gave up on Matt. Not only did Matt not give up on himself, he never gave up on his friends, or “family”. When Chacho and him were in the bone yard, and he got out of the bone yard, he could have just walked away, back to the shrimp tanks, but he didn’t. He waited and waited, trying to see if Chacho was still alive, NOT abandoning him. Celia said in the novel that she poisoned Matt’s heart with foxglove, then she needed something else that would finish the job, so she gave him arsenic (Page 235, 236). This is an example on how Celia would never give up on Matt, and she used everything that she could to make sure that Matt would stay alive. Every character in this novel that is important (Celia, Tam Lin, El Patron, Matt, Maria) they never gave up at some point, even though they could have. Another theme in this book , is that you can’t judge a person only based on what they are. Matt was a clone, and everyone hated him, but deep inside, he is just a regular human like the rest of the people. They treated him horribly, because he was a clone, but if he were a regular human, then people (like Rosa) wouldn’t treat him so horrid. Some examples of this are in the beginning of the book, when Matt fell on glass, he was carried away to the “Big House”, and was treated with care and respect. When they found out that Matt was a clone, they washed everything that was touched by him, and they put him outside, just because he was different from everyone else.

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