Saturday, May 11, 2013

The House of the Scorpion Thoughts

What happens in the book, is that a clone named Matt, is living in a "Little/Small House" and is considered an animal. He is then taken to the "Big House" after an accident happens. He then is treated like an actual Animal! Later on, he is saved by a very powerful person, and is now considered very special.

So far in the book, I thought that this book opened up to a lot of questions. In the first two chapter's, I had tons and tons of questions, which made this book very interesting. I thought that the Author (Nancy Farmer) did a great job of pulling in her readers, and made them read the book for ever. On the Other hand, Nancy Farmer is Mexican, so she uses a lot of Spanish words, that if you don't speak/read Spanish, it can get somewhat confusing and in doing so, will make it very hard to read.

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