Saturday, May 11, 2013


This post is about the setting in the book

The setting takes place in an area that is called “Aztlan”. Aztlan used to be called Mexico. In Aztlan, the characters live in “The Big House”, which is pretty much a mansion type of house. The book takes place mainly in the Big House, but sometimes it will take place in different scenery that the main character (Matt) is in. First it sounded like this book took place in the past (slaves) because now a days, we wouldn’t have slaves, but later on in the book, it starts giving hints as to when this is taking place. It gives hints like the technology that they have. They have really high-tech weaponry that can only be in the future time. It is very hard to figure out when the book is happening, but evidence shows that it is taking place in the future time. The main setting is the Big House, but every so often, Matt ventures off somewhere new, or somewhere that he has been before, and just relaxes for a while. The setting is pictured around the Opium fields.  The Opium Fields is pretty much a boarder between Aztlan and the United States. Near the end of the book, when El Patron dies, the main setting becomes The Aztlan, more specifically the plankton factories. The setting was the worst; Matt wasn’t able to smell anything. The setting is the Plankton factories, the shrimp tanks and the dorm. The main focus was Matt and his group of friends in the plankton field working all day, then at night was in their dorm going to bed. This was the main setting when they were there. They didn’t go anywhere else, because they couldn’t. After Matt escaped, the setting changed into a place with beautiful houses, grass, and a very beautiful town. They didn’t stay there long, so it wasn’t that important, but then the setting went back to the Opium field. The setting was kind of like a cycle, in a way.

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