Saturday, May 11, 2013

Narrative Structure

The Narrative Structure for this book (The exposition, Rising action Climax, etc.) \
Note: I go in order from the exposition to the resolution

The first few chapters were the exposition. It just introduces all the characters that the story needs to develop, and it just introduces the setting that the book will take place in. It was just starting the book, it was really developing everything, and it was pretty boring. I think that there are two Rising actions; they were starting to make the book interesting. The first rising action was when Matt was about to get killed by El Patron, because El Patron needed a heart to live. The rising action was the beginning part of this section, it was stating to get very interesting, and it made the reader wonder what’s going to happen. The second rising action would be when Matt tries to protect Fidelito by confessing the horrible things he had done, but it didn’t work. The rising action would be when Jorge is paced back and forth, and was about to hit Fidelito. This was pretty exciting, because you don’t know what’s going to happen to the poor little boy, and you don’t know what’s going to happen next. The first climax is when Celia stands up for Matt, and tells El Patron that she has poisoned Matt’s heart and that El Patron can’t use it anymore. This is by far the most exciting part in the book, because you don’t know what’s going to happen to El Patron, and if he does die, what will happen to Matt. However the reader is also thinking what will happen to Matt if El Patron still lives. The second climax in this book is when after Jorge is about to take a whack at Fidelito and then Matt steps in and protects Fidelito from the blow. It was very exciting, because you see that the boys stand up for themselves and that they won’t allow the keepers to beat on the boys anymore. The first falling action is when El Patron is dead and the Alacran’s didn’t need Matt anymore, so they pretty much threw him away.  It was very boring, it was pretty much the start of a new life for Matt and the book started to die down a little bit. The second falling action is when Jorge threw Matt and Chacho into the bone yard to rot and die, but then Ton-Ton and Fidelito came and saved Chacho. This part was not very exciting, it was the beginning of how they escaped, and the book pretty much died down again. The Resolution in this book would when Matt finds Esperanza, and she tells Matt to go back to the “Big House” and take over the Opium production, so that he can shut it down. It was to end the story and it was to finally say goodbye to the people that lived in the house.

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