Saturday, May 11, 2013

Film Study

My class watched a movie called "Gattaca" and it was supposed to be a little similar to the book, so I took notes and compared the two. (did the similarity, difference and Steal for the two main characters)
Note: Steal stands for
S- Speech
T- Thoughts
E- Effects
A- Actions
L- Looks

-They both had really bad jobs (Cleaning stuff)
-Treated the same (People treated them poorly, because they were different)
-Share a similar goal (They want to be considered normal, they don’t want to be considered to be different)
-Once they found the “Special Someone” they became considered like a regular human being (Matt’s special person is El Patron and Vincent’s Special person is Jerome)
-Both treated/considered like garbage before they met there special someone, but will always and they are still considered a non-human
-Everything /everyone is against them but they never gave up and they tried their best to pursue their dream
-In the end, they were able to become a regular human, and everyone treated them like a regular human (Matt accentually became El Patron and Vincent became Jerome).

Met when he was 7 years old
Met when he was just born, coming out of his mother
Born from a cow
Born the normal way
No diseases
Had several diseases
No siblings
Had a younger brother to play with
Born as a clone
Turned into a clone
Young in the end
Much older in the end

S- Not really sophisticated, a speech of a regular teenaged boy
S- A sophisticated/profound type of speech, because he was older
T- Learn and study to become like a regular human. Try to be like a regular human, not a clone
T- Try to keep his secret a secret, try not to blow your cover
E- Effected Maria, because she thinks a lot more differently than before. Affected El Patron is a huge way, by not giving up his heart and organs El Patron ended up dying.
E- Changed Irene a lot. She made her think twice about him, changed her way she thinks and looks at him. Affected the office, because they were looking for him, but he was in a disguise.
A- Try to become a human, by doing regular human things. When he was in the factory, he tried not to give away that he is a clone.
A- Transformed himself into another person so that he could fly off into space. Tries very hard not to blow his real identity.
L- Little boy, and when older had pimples all over his face. Wore whatever clothing he wanted until he was sent to the Plankton factory, then he had to wear the uniform.
L- When Vincent, looked very nerdy and was very scrawny. When Jerome, looked not a nerdy, but still somewhat nerdy

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