Saturday, May 11, 2013

Connections to Real World

I did the connection to Slavery in America, and in depth, Black Slavery in America.

I connected this book to Black Slavery in the U.S. because they were very similar. In the slavery, the Black people were forced to work hours and hours, non-stop. They were punished if they didn't do something (like eating their food, so that they would starve to death instead of working everyday), or they did something wrong. They were expected to work in harsh conditions, and they were expected to work very well everyday for the rest of their life. The slaves would try to escape from their master, and if and when they were caught, they were sent back to their master and their master tortured the slave for running away. Also, slaves were not really welcomed in America; they were treated like animals, treated like a usable object. They weren't considered humans to the white men.
This is just like the book. When Matt was in the "Big house, he wasn't considered human, he was considered an animal, something that shouldn't be here. His master was El Patron, even though El Patron didn't torture him, Matt wasn't allowed to leave the Opium field area, or else he would get caught by the farm patrol and get sent back. When we left the Big House and was transferred to the Plankton Factories, that is when he pretty much became a slave. The keepers (masters) there made them work in a horrible weather condition, and made them work for the entire day non-stop. When the Matt didn’t confess the bad things he had done he would get beat up by a keeper with a cane. When the boys did something bad or they didn’t say that they didn’t do anything bad, they were punished for that (they got wacked at by a cane). The keepers are like the slaves master, they watch over the boys, and they make sure they do work and make sure that they don’t run off.

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