Saturday, May 11, 2013


This is what I thought each character in the book would be (Dynamic, Round, Foil, etc.)

The characters are all based around Matt. Depending on what side your on (either you like him or you don’t) will determine whether or you are round or flat. If you like Matt (Celia, Tam Lin, Maria, etc.) then you would know a lot more about them then if it were someone who disliked Matt (Everyone else). In the beginning, Rosa was the antagonist; she was very harsh towards Matt. Rosa wasn’t the only antagonist, but she was the main one, everyone else that disliked him was the antagonist. Even to the end of the book, everyone that disliked him was the antagonist. It didn’t really seem that one main character in the book was the antagonist; it was the work of everyone. Of course the protagonist is Matt. Mostly everyone in the book is static, not that many people change, if you hated Matt in the beginning, then you hate him until the end, and vise versa. Matt doesn’t even change a lot, he is still the same Matt from years ago, but in a way he can be dynamic in the sense that he had more power and he is all-powerful and he can do what ever he wanted. He didn’t emotionally change, he still seemed the same from when he was young, but his thoughts changed a lot since the beginning of the book. In the beginning, the author (Farmer) told the reader a little bit of a description about the characters that are important not only to Matt, but to the story, but then after a while, she just gives the reader very little detail about how they change. I would say that all of the characters are both direct and indirect, but they are mainly indirect. Farmer doesn’t tell you if they change and how, she shows you by making the character do different things then they would normally do. I thought that each character played an important role in developing the story, and as well as Matt. Without the people being who they are the book wouldn’t be as exciting, and it would dramatically change.

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