Friday, February 8, 2013

Mockingjay (By: Suzanne Collins)

I agree with what Matt F. said, about how the story plot of Mockingjay was very slow. The setting that Matt talked about is in the district 13, an unknown, said to be destroyed district. I agree, but that is not the only place that they were, but it was the main place. They were also in I agree that this book has a lot of connections to the real world, the bombings, and corrupt cities/countries. This part of the story can really relate to real world applications. I totally disagree, when Matt said that with the Capitol bombing Katniss, and everything that she “cared for” destroyed the rebellions hope. Well it didn’t, it may have destroyed Katniss’ hope, or maybe even got her angrier.

I liked how Collins evolved the characters, in the way actual people would grow up; she didn’t evolve them to be totally different, from the first book (Katniss is still Katniss). Collins really out did herself, first with the Hunger Games, then with Catching Fire, and to top it all off, Mockingjay. All three of the books were very exciting, I just thought that this book was even more exciting and fascinating then the other 2 books. The other 2 books took half of the book to get to the exciting part (the Games), where as in Mockingjay, the action is right from the start. 


  1. Hey Garrett, good job on the review. I liked how you added both sides of the debate, agree and disagree, when reading Matt's review. Another thing I liked was how you compared the book with the others in the trilogy. Good job Garrett, keep on going.
    P.S. I was wondering, what was the theme was of this book?

  2. What was the theme of this book****

  3. Garrett provided good view on the comments by Matt F. I have not read the book so I can't offer any critics whether Garrett and Matt are correct or not.