Friday, February 8, 2013

Litspiration Challenge (Top 5 Books)

Top 5 Books I’ve read
Hunger Games- I thought that this book was very exciting, and breath taking. It was exciting to read all about the hunger games, and the action/slaughtering that Collins wrote.

Catching Fire- A little bit of action here and there. It got very dramatic, and a little romantic, as soon as they announced what they are doing in the quarter quell. It was like the Hunger Games all over again, but with a little twist.

Mockingjay- Action packed throughout the whole book, most exciting out of the 3 books. It is very gory, and it sounds really epic, with all of the explosions and everything.

Deathly Hallows- Every other book, Harry Potter goes on this adventure and finds Voldemort, and Voldemort escapes (or Harry). This book was an adventure like no other, finding 7 different puzzle pieces, in order to kill Voldemort. Then he finally meets up with him one last time... An Epic Battle to the DEATH! 

Hobbit- Bilbo Baggins takes you on an adventure of a life time (For Hobbits at least). He takes you to trolls and goblins. Luckily enough, Mr. Baggins has friends to help him with his adventure. I think that this book teaches you that friendship and loyalty is the best thing you can have in any situation. I liked it how at the beginning and a little bit during the book, the author actually talks to you, and explains what is going on, because it may be a little confusing.  


  1. Thanks for sharing Garrett! I wonder why these types of books are your fav's? Have you noticed any common themes in the types of books you are choosing? (And, I totally agree that the epic fight to the death was an incredible finale!!)

  2. Great list and reasons Garrett, you have great little reasons/details for reading the books and liking them, good job. Since the 1 three books are in the same trilogy do you want to name your top favourite series/trilogy, or just name one that you like.

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  4. Hello Garrett, I really like that you gave little summary of every book on this page. I would like to know why you like these book in general? Who would you recommend these books to? When I got onto your book reviews, I really liked your starting sentences, and your examples. In your review Catching Fire, this example "Just imagine what she suffered, and then multiply that by like 1,000,000...," it really helped me understand her pain and misery. Sometimes I wonder, why you chose the colour of your blog? Personally I think it is very pretty, especially your blog title. Where did you get the picture from? I will leave you with 1 more question, Would you still read books by Suzanne Collins if she took out the fights?

  5. Garrett, I really loved reading through your blog and I particularly enjoy your background it's super colorful and very intriguing, the colors and title you chose really add to your blog to give it that extra sense of fun.
    I really enjoyed that you gave a quick summary of your top 5 books, the summaries weren't too long but not too short they were just right and you put in all the information that was needed. I was wondering if it would be possible to tell the readers, why you enjoyed these books and why they were put in this specific order. I personally haven't read a few of these books and I think I might now have to.

  6. Hi Garrett!

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