Friday, February 8, 2013

Hobbit (By J.R.R. Tolkien)

Julia talked about the theme in the hobbit being self-discoveries and evolving loyalties. I agree with the second part of the theme that Julia said, “I think that the theme in this is book is evolving loyalties”. I agree with that because Mr. Baggins has to have faith in his companions (Dwarves and the Great Wizard). He has to become a loyal companion, but the Dwarves and the Wizard also has to be loyal to Bilbo. Another theme in this book that Julia talked about is self-discovery. True, even though the book doesn’t talk about Mr. Baggins finding himself, along the way, he starts to finally realize himself and who he is as a Hobbit. She talks about after Bilbo Baggins goes on a crazy adventure; he starts to become a proactive and adventurous little Hobbit. I agree, this is true, before he was on his adventure; he was a very relaxed and quiet little Hobbit, but then all of that change about him. Like Julia said, he becomes a proactive and Adventurous little Hobbit.

In this book, I liked how at the very beginning of the book, and a few times in the middle, the author would write in brackets, saying what was going on, because it was very confusing and hard to understand because of the way they talk. He just helped to clear things up a little bit. This is not a regular book; this book gives you illustrations on what is happening, so that you can sort of see what the setting looks like, that the adventurers are in. This helps a lot, because you don’t have to guess what the place looks like, you can just look at the illustrations. Since the characters in the book are from a place that no one has yet discovered (well humans at least), their language is a little bit different from ours. They have a very olden time language (it seemed to me that they speak with a very high up class kind of language, and they have some sort of unique accent). The writing in this book was amazingly detailed, the writer (J.R.R. Tolkien) wrote every sentence, so that you can paint an awesome picture in your mind.

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