Friday, November 2, 2012

Icefire (By Chris D'Lacey)

 Icefire By: Chris D'Lacey
My second book review is Icefire, written by Chris D’Lacey. David’s little dragon friends help to guide him towards something about their past, and how it relates to the… ARTIC! When David finds out a big secret about the dragons past, will he try to find out what happened and what is going on right now, or will he leave it be? Later on in the book, David, Lucy, Gadzooks, and a bunch of other dragons went on an adventure of a lifetime. They went to the Artic, to find out what was with the dragons past and to reveal the secret of the ICEFIRE!
The whole series of these kinds of books, by Chris D’Lacey was really confusing. He made it, so that you had to read the previous books, in order to understand the next book. It was like each book was its own, but at the same time, it was a series of novels. Each book had its own plot, even though it followed the previous books, it still had nothing to do with it. This book was very exciting, you find out a ton of secrets about the dragons, and you got to know David, Lucy, Gadzooks, and all of the other mythical dragons a bit more. I thought that Chris D’Lacey should have written the books, as if they were one, because you wouldn’t be able to read the books unless you now the all about the previous book(s). Parts here and there in the book were really awesome, thrilling, but in other parts of the book it felt as if you were like, “huh, what just happened there”?


  1. Hi Garret,

    I spelt your name wrong un-purpose. I really liked your review and it seem like and interesting book. I recommend you change your font because I had a bit of a problem reading. Otherwise great job!!!!


  2. Your book review is so amazingly awesome. :) I love how in your first sentence you told me who it was by and what book review it is because it makes me remember the name better. Throughout your first paragraph you gave me more and more hooks which makes me want to read this book more. When I read your second paragraph you said that it was hard to understand unless you read the previous books, and you said it was confusing. I finally read a book review that says something bad about the book. Now I know what it would sound like. I like how you said bad things and good about the book because I know that is hard to do, but you did it. :) Good job!
    I might try to read the book to see if I agree with you, but if I don't understand it at all I probably wont be able to read it. I thank you for telling everyone that it is hard to read or else I might of read it, and wouldn't have understood it at all.

    I am so happy I read this book review! You did a wonderful job!